How It Works

How we move our bodies, fuel our bodies, and engage our mind all have an impact on our overall health and wellness. My Viva Plan is the only online program of its kind that fuses mindfulness, nutrition, and fitness in a completely individualized approach to help you reach your health goals.







My Mind

This is the first and most important section of My Viva Plan. Our Mindfulness sections is all about understanding and managing stress. Many people do not realize that it is stress that is keeping them from reaching their goals. My Viva Plan’s online stress assessments, daily reflections, goal setting and progress tracking help users understand how stress is showing up in their lives and how to manage it.

How to Avoid Burnout


My Nutrition

Many people join My Viva Plan for this aspect and we don’t blame them. Nutrition is a very important part of your wellness and overall health. My Viva Plan takes your nutrition one step further by customizing meal plans specifically for you and your requirements. It is easy to reach your goals when the plan to meet them is specifically designed for you! No two people are alike, so why should a meal plan be? Our grocery list, Dining Out, Vivapedia™, and resource sections perfectly support everything you need on the nutrition front.

How to Lose Weight

My Fitness

Adding fitness to your routine is great for your body and is also proven to be a fantastic stress reliever. Use My Viva Plan’s yoga and meditation practices as a fantastic way to de-stress or try one of our personal-trainer created workouts. The fitness scheduler helps you keep track of our workouts and stay accountable, allowing you to have an easier time reaching your goals.

How to Get Your Health Organized

It’s All About You

Using these three pillars together is the most effective way to be the best version of yourself — our research and many years of experience proves it. Built by the registered dietitians of Revive Wellness and many other health and wellness professionals, My Viva Plan is a treatment plan that helps you reach your goals.

If your personal or group health benefits plan have coverage to see a Registered Dietitian, you could get My Viva Plan FREE*

* Depending on what level of coverage you have. Please check with your health plan coverage to see if you have coverage for Registered Dietitian services. Pricing and Options

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