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From obesity, Type II diabetes & heart disease, My Viva Plan® provides the only integrated Canadian digital solution to treat Metabolic Syndrome. Mental and physical health do not function independently, they are deeply integrated with one another. While you may need medication or other mental or physical therapies to help manage your health, nothing can ever replace self-care.

My Viva Plan uses evidence-based best practices enabled by cutting edge digital technology to help people take control of their health by modifying their lifestyle habits, resulting in improved health outcomes and a reduction in health system cost.

We Understand The Problem

The current cost to treat Type II Diabetes, Obesity and Heart Disease is unsustainable. There is a lack of clinically validated resources healthcare providers can recommend to their patients that get patients engaged in managing their health and can be integrated within their care. Treating Type II Diabetes, Obesity and Heart Disease requires patient engagement with evidence-based programs.

We Have The Solution

My Viva Plan® is a digital health program that uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to engage users in self-care which is the most important component to changing course for people who battle with mental health issues and lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes or high blood pressure. By integrating this program into health plans, together, we will positively change the trajectory of health in Canada.

Long-Term Return On Investment

Our clients see a return on investment with My Viva Plan with only 15% engagement with the program. The program is integrated with high touch points for better results.

Lower Healthcare Costs

By embedding My Viva Plan in benefit and union agreement plans, you stand to save millions in claims costs starting in Year 1.

Clinically Proven Outcomes

My Viva Plan was built by regulated healthcare professionals and the program outcomes are validated for your peace of mind.

We help you manage a variety of health conditions through health coaching, daily check-ins, personalized recommendations and more

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