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Healthy Lifestyle Edmonton

Healthy Lifestyle Edmonton

Healthy Lifestyle in Edmonton

These days, a lot of people make excuses for eating poorly or putting off exercise for yet another day. “I'm simply too busy to cook” and “The gym can wait 'til tomorrow” are common excuses provided by persons who truly do know better.

Maybe this sounds like you. If so, take heart. You don't have to seek a healthy lifestyle in Edmonton alone. In fact, we make it easy to get fit and stay that way. We are My Viva, and we're all about smart support that never nags.


We know it may seem easier to grab a bag of burgers than to invest time in shopping for nutritious ingredients. Factor in the time it takes to prep and cook a healthy repast, and that fast-food snack may appear to make sense. If that's the way you think, please think again.

My Viva takes the guesswork out of shopping, prepping, and cooking. Browse our website to find a remarkable range of healthful recipes and yummy snack ideas. Once you find a recipe that inspires, you can print a shopping list to take to your local grocer. You won't waste time wandering aisles, when you have an easy-to-follow shopping list in your hand.

If losing weight is what you want to do, My Viva can help with that, too. Let us know your weight loss goals, and we can put together a personalized eating plan that satisfies your need for deliciousness while providing the sort of fuel your body requires to run at optimum levels. All of our food plans are developed by real dietitians who offer an evidence-based approach to excellent nutrition that tastes good and is good for you, too.

Mental wellness

My Viva is pleased to present a splendid selection of mind-enhancing tips that you can use to boost your mood. Our thoughtful blogs, videos, and helpful hints are designed with your mind in mind. Any time you need a bit of friendly motivation, turn to My Viva.

Manage stress and expand your mindfulness with My Viva where you can tap into wisdom it took generations to gather. Learn your stress points as well as how to turn negative feelings into positive actions. Need a time out to focus on your healthy lifestyle in Edmonton? Take a meditation break at My Viva any time.

Physical fitness

Think of My Viva as the personal trainer you wish you had. No, we won't drive you to the gym, but tapping into your My Viva personalized fitness plan is the next best thing. We'll help you plan and stick to a fitness plan that works for you. Stop wasting cash on gym memberships you never use. Instead, bookmark your My Viva fitness page and log in every day.

A personalized My Viva plan can help you revive your body and mind in an entertaining, easy-to-manage fashion. Any time you want to know more about the myriad ways My Viva can help you achieve your healthy lifestyle in Edmonton goals, you can dash us an e-mail here.

Healthy Lifestyle Edmonton

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Healthy Lifestyle Edmonton