Health and Wellness Videos

Nutrition 6 Resources

Balanced Vegetarian and Vegan Eating

Gluten Free Eating

Breakfast Basics

Lunch Basics

Dinner Basics

Plant-based vs. Vegan (Terms)

Fitness 8 Resources

Plank Variations

Squat Variations

Everyday Mobility

Counteract Sitting All Day

Counteract Standing All Day

Push-Up Variations

Hip Hinge Variations

5 Exercises for Runners

Mind 9 Resources

Meditation: Diving Deeper

The Power of Yoga

The Importance of Sleep

Setting an Intention

Meditation 101


Mindfulness 101

What is Self-Care?

Yoga 101

My Cooking 6 Resources

Knife Skills

Cooking Methods

Stock Basics

Cookware Basics

Cooking Meat Proteins

Cooking Plant-Based Proteins