This stone fruit is native to Northwest China where it was first cultivated, and is currently grown in temperate climate zones worldwide. Peaches have a characteristic fuzzy texture their outer skin, as opposed to the recessive smooth skin characteristic of the closely related nectarine. 


Benefits of Peaches: 

  • Good source of fibre, which helps us feel full and satisfied and aids in weight management. Fibre can also help control blood glucose (blood sugar) levels, keeps us regular and has the potential to lower cholesterol levels. 
  • Good source of potassium. This mineral acts to help control blood pressure including lower risk of blood clot formation, and improved dilation of blood vessels to allow for normal blood flow through veins and arteries. 
  • Good source of vitamin C, which helps protect against free radical damage to the body and boosts immune function. 


Nutritional Value of 1 Medium Peach: 

  • 58 calories 
  • 14 g carbohydrate 
  • 1 g protein 
  • 0.4 g fat 
  • 3 g fibre 
  • 29% of daily vitamin C needs 

Did You Know? 

You should try to store your peaches in a loosely closed brown paper bag at room temperature to allow the ripening process to take place. The ethylene gas released from the fruit is what furthers the ripening after it has been picked. This will result in juicy, sweet and succulent peach!