Strawberries are perennial plants and members of the rose family. This robust red, sweet, and juicy berry grow on bushes are popular around the world. Since they can grow in colder climates, strawberry bushes are found in all areas of Canada. Strawberries are also very versatile: they can be made into jam for toast, frozen and blended into a smoothie, or used fresh in desserts. The sweetness of a ripe fresh strawberry also goes well in muffins, oatmeal, and even mixed green salads!   


Benefits of Strawberries 

  • Are an excellent source of vitamin C! This water-soluble vitamin has anti-inflammatory properties, is involved in tissue growth and repair, and can also help your body absorb other nutrients like iron.  
  • Provide potassium. Potassium helps balance blood pressure, fluid levels, and helps your muscles and nervous system function.  
  • Are rich in antioxidants. A major type of antioxidant found in strawberries are anthocyanins – plant compounds that have been shown to reduce inflammation. Research is being done on their effects to protect against chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and more.  
  • Contain folate as well, which has a variety of functions in the body such as synthesizing blood cells and preventing birth defects in pregnant women. 
  • Are a source of fibre, which is crucial to digestive health and can help promote the feeling of satiety – feeling full and satisfied. 


Nutritional Value of ½ cup (76g) Whole Fresh Strawberries  

  • 25 calories 
  • 6 g carbohydrate 
  • 2 g fibre 
  • 1 g protein 
  • 0 g fat 
  • 41% daily recommended intake of vitamin C 
  • ~6% daily recommended intake of folate 

Did You Know? 

Strawberries are ripe and sweet when they are red at the tops, rather than white or green. Store ripe fresh strawberries at cold refrigeration temperatures to help prevent vitamin loss and maintain freshness for a few days. Try to use fresh strawberries within a few days of purchasing them.