Walnuts are one of the oldest tree foods, dating back to 7000 BCE and originating from Persia where they were reserved for royalty. Walnuts were traded along the Silk Road and eventually spread through sea trade. The shell of the walnut provides a natural protective barrier, and the nuts are a great source of polyunsaturated fats and antioxidants.  

 Benefits of Walnuts: 

  • An excellent source of ellagitannins. This has been shown to potentially contribute anti-cancer benefits in vitro (out of body or test tube) or in vivo (in body cells) studies. 
  • High in Omega 3 fatty acids! These healthy fats have been shown to deregulate the harmful cytokines that are created during inflammatory reactions in the body. This action may help to decrease the level of arthritis pain and swelling.  
  • A good source of protein! One quarter cup of walnuts is an excellent salad topping or enjoy as a snack.  

 Nutritional Value of ¼ cup (30g) of Walnut Halves: 

  • 196 calories 
  • 4.1 g carbohydrate 
  • 2.0 g fibre 
  • 4.6 g protein 
  • 19.6 g fat 
  • 56% DV of copper 
  • ~ 50% DV manganese  

 Did You Know? 

 The husks of black walnuts can be used as an ink! This ink lasts very long and has been used by famous artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci.